Danielle Henry, Anna Doolan, Cailtin Drabble, Maya Barcot, Olivia Sweeney
Kat Rose Martin, Anna Doolan
Judi Earl, Olivia Sweeney, Danielle Henry, Maya Barcot, Anna Doolan
Anna Doolan, Danielle Henry
Maya Barcot, Danielle Henry, Olivia Sweeney
Maya Barcot, Anna Doolan
Kat Rose Martin
Olivia Sweeney
Anna Doolan
Caitlin Drabble, Kat Rose Martin, Anna Doolan
Maya Barcot, Olivia Sweeney, Judi Earl, Caitlin Drabble, Anna Doolan, Danielle Henry

Mighty Atoms

Directed By Mark Babych

Lighting by Prema Mehta

Hull Truck, Hull 2017 Year of culture


"Staged on Grace Smart’s engagingly ramshackle set – scuffed wooden floors and dingy, graffiti scrawled windows – Mighty Atoms is a rawly funny and hopeful piece of work." - Will Ramsey, The Stage